C. Struss  Dresden - Germany

"Ich hatte jahrelang schmerzhafte Zahnsensibilitäten, vor drei Jahren wurde die erste Behandlung mit den Flüssigkristallen vorgenommen. Seit dem habe ich keine Schmerzen mehr und kann wieder heiße und kalte Speisen und Getränke schmerzfrei genießen. Meine tiefen Zahnfleischtaschen haben sich wieder normalisiert. Habe auch bedeutend weniger Zahnstein und der beste "Nebeneffekt", ich habe um mindestens 3 Nuancen hellere Zähne und das ohne zu bleichen! Sehr sehr zu empfehlen" - Danke liebes Dentcoat Team

E. Gottschalk Dresden- Germany

First and foremost, I would like to say that it has always been difficult for me to praise or express my appreciation for anything or anyone for me – unless a truly extraordinary achievement has attracted my attention and has literally rendered me speechless.  

Well, that’s exactly what happened to me when I used your Dentcoat Care tooth powder and this small tooth polisher, which is called “Extra Cleaner” or “Ultra Cleaner,” I think. I was in fact speechless – or should I rather say – truly confused. Why? Well, the answer is quite simple. I’ve been smoking excessively for many years. I know, it’s a truly ugly habit/addiction. However, to date my biggest problem was the discoloration of my teeth, some of which are yellow or even brown. After all, have a job where I interact with the public a lot and frequently come into very close contact with other people. The mere thought of my yellow stained teeth frequently made me feel insecure and significantly impaired the enjoyment of my work. If this description should lead you to the conclusion that I don’t care much about my dental care, I have to disappoint you. I brush my teeth several times a day – it’s standard practice. Moreover, I have probably already tried all products that have been available on the market over the past twenty years. The portfolio included everything from special mouthwashes to toothpastes to whitening pastes, all of which promised to whiten my teeth, but never did. Even the periodic professional teeth cleaning appointments at my dentist’s office never produced truly compelling results.

It was like a lucky strike when I held a little dispenser of your tooth powder in my hand last week. I was very skeptical because of my previous experiences when I brushed my teeth with it – I really didn’t want to do it. But I could hardly believe what I felt on tongue after I had brushed my teeth. All teeth felt perfectly smooth. Moreover, even after just one use, a noticeable reduction of the tooth discoloration was evident. I immediately grabbed the cleaner that was also enclosed in the package and began to clean one tooth after another with this tool. Only you, Mr. Teichmann will really be able to comprehend how enthused I was when I saw the result of just under ten minutes of cleaning.  

Hence, I would like to express my true appreciation for this innovative product to you in this e-mail and to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Even if I’m just one person, your great invention has won you another satisfied loyal customer. I will definitely be your customer for a Dentcoat treatment now.

I wish you the very best for your personal happiness and business progress.

V. Shedd   Bali -Indonesien

I used to have several bleaching treatments before and i got some serious sensitive teeth after that. Now i found Dentcoat and my sensitive teeth are gone!!! Dentcoat really helped for my sensitive teeth. I’ am soooo happy with no more pain, it’s a miracle!!! Also my teeth are more shinnying now and much brighter. Thank you Dentcoat .

E.Hauswirth  Bad Homburg - Germany

I definitely recommend DENTACOAT to everyone with Sensitive teeth and or Periodontitis.I have had 3 applications so far, my receding gums are returning to normal. Before I had to have Novocain before cleaning as it was so painful having my teeth cleaned. Now thanks to DENACOAT they are no longer sensitive to hot or cold.

I can recommend DENTACOAT to anyone with gum or sensitivity, the best bonus my teeth are now 3 shades lighter. Thank you DENTACOAT

R. Marcio  Bali- Indonesia

I have problems with my gum; bleeding and my teeth are sensitive. I’m smoking a lot and my teeth look discolored as well. I meet my old friend Jana and she suggest to go and have a dental cleaning and after wards to have a treatment with Dentcoat and now my teeth more bright and white and feel clean.  I have no more pain at my sensitive teeth!!!!!!!! I start take care of my teeth more careful now, Thank you a lot.

W. Wen  Bali - Montreal

I have had now my second Dentcoat treatment recently, and can definitely say I am very pleased with the results. My Gum seems to get better with each time and even molars appearing to be dark, due to fillings, are now bright and white. I am very happy with it and can recommend it to all.