DENTCOAT SIO2 COMPLEX - Multifunctional caries and periodontal disease protection

Tooth protection TODAY - Health begins in your mouth

Oral health is essential to our overall health. Impaired oral health can lead to aesthetic and functional deficiencies, pain, and ultimately to partial or complete tooth loss.  To maintain proper dental protection, it is nescessary for one to aquire alot more than just professional cleaning.It is clear that for preservation of teeth, it is necessary to conduct much more professional dental cleaning.

A clean tooth does not become sick”

This simple tenet of German dentist Alfred Kantorowicz (1880-1962) is still true today.

Noticeably plaque-free teeth & natural remineralization by Dentcoat

The development of molecular DENTCOAT technology provides a sustainable bio-repulsive protection of tooth surfaces, which reduces the number of pathogenic germs in the mouth and prevents tooth decay and  inflammation of the gums.

Dentcoat takes advantage of the principle of self-assembled mono and multilayers, which is known from biomolecular medicine. The principle of self-assembly is a well-proven concept of nature, for example in wound healing.

As a result, Dentcoat molecules spontaneously arrange into thermodynamically and chemically stable defined structures, and aggregate into new crystallites. This SiO2 Complex surrounds the enamel prisms when applied, and deposits itself in the tooth structure, where it fixes itself and thus condenses the enamel. The result is an extremely smooth and sustainably bio-repulsive surface, which leads to greatly reduced protein and microorganism adhesion. This inhibits plaque accumulation while reducing inflammation in the periodontal and implant tissues

Tooth Protection

Dentcoat P - Protect & Repair, Long-term protection against increased biofilm formation, abrasion, acid erosion and periodontal disease. •Preventive treatment prior implantation •Reduction in plaque accumulation •Long-term prevention of caries •Remineralization, even with incipient caries


Dentcoat DS - Desens • Protection of exposed tooth necks • scratchproof and acid-resistant protective layer • Inflammation reduction • Remineralisation

Natural Tooth Whitening

Dentcoat WP - Whitening + Protection all in ONE - Tooth whitening, including prosthetic tooth replacement and protection against increased biofilm formation. •Natural and gentle whitening •Improves opalescence •Long-term protection against caries •Paque Reduction •Reduction in inflammation

Long-term protection after bleaching

Dentcoat BP - Bleaching Protection • Protection and remineralization of bleached teeth •Desensitization after whitening •Long-term protection against extrinsic staining •Maximizes bleaching effect

Orthodontic Protection - No more White spots

Dentcoat OP - Orthodontic Protection •Prevention and minimization of demineralization of the enamel during orthodontic treatment with a fixed appliance •Reduction of inflammatory responses by corrosion processes on orthodontic metal appliances •Reduction of plaque accumulation •Long-term prevention of caries caused by inadequate oral hygiene •Can be used during Invisalign treatment

Implant Protection - positive influence on long life of implant

Implantcoat - Protection against increased biofilm formation on implant systems and crowns. • Preventive mucositis and peri-implantitis protection •Reduces plaque accumulation on the implant •Biorepulsive surfaces facilitate daily care of the implant by the patient •For concurrent treatment of peri-implant lesions •Reduction in inflammation

NEW - Care after Dentcoating

Tooth powder - "A good dental care product contains no preserving agents, no germicides, no bleaching, moistening or binding agents and, more importantly, no water". Dental care without danger of “toothbrush abrasion” for ultra smooth teeth - with shiny effect

What is Dentcoat-Sio2 Complex

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"A clean tooth is not sick"

The simple tenet of German dental physician Alfred Kantorowicz (1880-1962) from 1930 is still true today. Regular and thorough oral hygiene, which reduces the number of pathogenic germs in the mouth, prevents tooth decay, gum disease and inflammation.

Dentcoat after care

How do I care for my teeth after dentcoating

Professional Dental Cleaning

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Teeth brushing

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Question and Answer

DENTCOATING - who can use it ?

  • DENTCOAT P is a superior product for caries and periodontal prevention and endows the tooth with a mineral - durable effective shield made from a SiO2 Compound, which is acid and scratch resistant. In normal cases anyone over the age of 6 can use the treatment. Dentcoat P is recommended for those who want to do something about periodontal disease and tooth enamel loss.
  • Dentcoat DS is especially made for people who want to get rid of sensitive teeth and want to live pain free permanently.
  • In addition DENTCOAT WP is useful for those who would like naturally brighter teeth without bleaching and looking for a tooth protection at the same time.
  • Dentcoat BP helps to protect after dental bleaching - mineralizing and desensitization of teeth
  • Dentcoat OP protect your teeth during orthodontic treatment - no more white spots!


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